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Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen

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Plant Height: 30 cm

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Plant Care

Chinese evergreens should be watered once every seven to 10 days in the summer and every two weeks in the winter. Chinese evergreens prefer a damp environment. An aglaonema's pot should never dry completely. However, leaving one in standing water can cause root rot


Aglaonemas don't require much food, so use a complete liquid fertilizer, fish/seaweed emulsion, or slow-release fertilizer once or twice in the growing season (spring through summer).


Your Aglaonema prefers indirect bright light. It can adapt to low light, but the growth will slow considerably. Direct morning sunlight is fine for this plant, but avoid direct afternoon sunlight which can burn the leaves.


Although they prefer warm temperatures in the 68 to 77 °F range, they can handle temperatures as low as 55 °F. Most kinds will grow well in the low to moderate humidity of an average house. Chinese evergreen should be grown in a standard soil mix with extra humus. Keep soil constantly moist


A mature Chinese evergreen will typically need to be repotted every two years. This is not a fast-growing plant and its roots will only start to fill its pot after a relatively long period of time.

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