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Aglaonema (Pink Anyamanee)

20.00 AED

Height: 20 cm

Aglaonema (Pink Anyamanee) is a must-have indoor plant for every plant lover. The plant features unique and lush leaves that are also colorful and vibrant. This aspect makes it a good idea for decorating your living room, office, or bedroom. The plant is adaptive to varying conditions and easy to care for and maintain for UAE residents.

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Plant Care

Algaonema loves moist but not soggy soils. Water them when the soil is dry. Wait until the water flows through the drainage holes and remove any excess water from the pot.


Feed Aglaonema with a liquid houseplant or a slow-releasing balanced fertilizer once every month. As well, ensure the fertilizer is organic and has no harsh elements.


Provide Aglaonema with adequate indirect bright light. This plant can thrive in partially shady areas. Thus, always avoid direct sunlight as it will scorch your plant leaves.


The optimal temperature need for Aglaonema is between 15.6°C and 21°C. Always avoid cold areas as they will kill your plants.


Aglaonema will require repotting once a year. You can know it is repotting time when the soil on the pot becomes loose. Also, when you notice overgrown roots, it is an indicator that the plant needs a new home. When repotting, mix your soil with the proper nutrients and ensure it is well-drained.

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