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Aglaonema (Red Siam)

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Height: 20 cm

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Plant Care

How often do you water an Aglaonema Red Siam? Being tolerant of drought conditions, you can water your Aglaonema every week or two. The soil will need to be completely dried out between waterings.


Feed your Aglaonema monthly during the spring and summer months with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength such as our All Purpose Fertilizer (20-20-20). No fertilizer is needed during the winter months when growth naturally slows. Your Aglaonema is mildly toxic to pets and humans.


The Aglaonema Red Siam (Red Siam Chinese Evergreen) is a no-fuss tropical plant that displays red and pink tones in its foliage. They make a regal accent to any room where there is medium to bright, indirect light. Water this specimen regularly.


To care for the aglaonema 'Siam Aurora,' grow the red Aglaonema in medium to high indirect sunlight. Plant the Aglaonema in loose, well-draining soil and water the plant only when the soil partially dries. 'Siam Aurora' prefers high humidity and a temperature range of 65°F to 76°F (18°C – 24°C).


Repot a red Aglaonema every two or three years in springtime. Repotting Aglaonema plants in a larger pot gives the roots more room to grow. You also get the chance to refresh the potting soil and check the roots for signs of decay.

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