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Aglaonema (Silver Queen)

35.00 AED

Height: 35 cm


The Aglaonema requires its soil to be kept moist at all times so try to avoid letting the soil drying out completely. 

Time for a spring clean! Use a damp cloth to remove any dust settling on your Aglaonema's leaves to keep it in tip top condition.
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Plant Care

The Aglaonema Silver Queen's soil should be kept moist at all times. Do not allow it to dry-out. Make sure not to overwater as this may encourage root rot. Moderation is the key.


Aglaonemas don't require much food, so use a complete liquid fertilizer, fish/seaweed emulsion, or slow-release fertilizer once or twice in the growing season (spring through summer).


Aglaonema Silver Queen plants will survive in low light but will become thin and leggy. For a nice looking plant, try to provide bright, diffused natural light or some artificial fluorescent light. This plant will do quite well with just artificial lighting.


TEMPERATURES for Aglaonema Silver Queen should be at a minimum of 60°F. It is easily damaged by cold drafts and temperatures. Be sure to keep away from cold spots and drafts and move away from cold window panes in the winter time.


On average, you will need to repot your Aglaonema Silver Bay once every one or two years. The best time to do this is in spring, just as the plant enters its growing season.

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