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Alocasia Sp

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Height: 30 cm

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Plant Care

For watering, allow the top 2-3" to dry between watering to ensure the plant isn't sitting in soil that is too wet. During the winter, Alocasias will go through a dormancy period and will require less frequent waterings as the soil will take longer to dry.


Your Alocasia prefers warm temperatures between 65–85°F. Avoid cold drafts and sudden temperature changes. Feed every month in the spring and summer with half-strength, all-purpose indoor plant fertilizer such as our All Purpose Fertilizer (20-20-20). No fertilizer is needed in the fall and winter months.


Alocasias need bright, but indirect light. This is due to the plant's natural habitat, on the forest floor beneath the tree canopy. Direct sun will cause the leaves to burn, so avoid placing your Alocasia in a spot where it'll be exposed to direct sun for a prolonged period.


Your Alocasia enjoys the warmth, preferably between 65–85 degrees, so maintain indoor temperatures above 60 degrees. Avoid cold drafts and sudden temperature changes. Feed once a month during the spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer for indoor plants such as our All Purpose Fertilizer (20-20-20).


Repot Alocasia varieties annually into larger pots with fresh, free-draining potting soil. They do well in both clay and plastic, so long as the pot has good drainage. Repotting offers a good time to divide the rhizomes to keep the plant a manageable size and increase your collection.

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