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Anthurium Vari

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Anthurium Vari is a perfect addition to your office table or indoor décor. This drought-resistant plant has rippled foliage that makes it an ideal accent for your interior design. This rare variegated species will work well as tabletop, desktop, or countertop pieces. Its fantastic and eye-catching look brings nature to your room.

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Plant Care

The water you plant when the topsoil is dry. Regular watering is essential without flooding the soil. Never over-water the plant to avoiding killing it.


Anthurium Vari does not require regular feeding. Fertilize once every three to four months. Consider a high-phosphorous fertilizer to harness their growth.


Grow Anthurium Vari in an environment with adequate access to bright indirect light. Offering this plant enough light will speed their growth. However, direct sunlight will scorch its leaves. Keeping the near the window or light sources will be a perfect idea.


Anthurium Vari will grow well in a temperature range of between 12°C and 25°C. Room temperature is suitable for them as long as it is not below 10°C.


The plant grows fast and may require annual repotting. When repotting, get a larger pot than the current one. Also, ensure you have the repotting mix to allow your plant to gain the necessary nutrients.

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