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Height: 105 cm

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Plant Care

Araucaria Heterophylla does not require more water for its growth, but watering it with enough water is important. Maintain a regular watering schedule to keep soil moist. In addition, we recommend offering complex fertilizers for your plant during the summer once every 2 - 3 weeks. No feed is required during winters


This food for plants belongs to the latest generation of fertilizers, for healthy and bright green leaves, stable branches, strong bud formation, balanced rooting. Very rapid effects, can be administered via the roots and as a foliar fertilizer.


These plants are very light-sensitive and so you must prefer to keep them near windows or light areas. These plants need direct bright light for their growth, as well as survival. So do not be afraid to place right on the window sill, it will love direct sunlight.


Araucaria Heterophylla as an indoor potted plant is a tropical plant and is not cold hardy. These plants can neither tolerate very high temperatures, nor very cold. The ideal temperature range during the warm period is nothing above 20 degrees Celcius. Wintertime between 10 -15 degrees Celcius.


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