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Areca in Ceramic Pot

65.00 AED

Plant & Pot Height: 60 cm

Pot Size: 15×15 cm

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Plant Care

Areca palms need a humid environment, so mist the leaves a few times a week with tepid water or stand on a pebble tray that is topped up with water. Feed every couple of months during the growing season with a balanced fertiliser. Wipe the leaves occasionally to remove dust.


Beloved for their foliage, a fertilizer high in nitrogen is important. Potassium is also essential for healthy root growth and photosynthesis. For Areca Palms, and palms in general, a fertilizer higher in nitrogen and potassium and lower in phosphorus is suitable.


Areca palms do best in bright, indirect light but will tolerate a bit of shade. Avoid direct sunlight, as this will scorch the leaves, and keep away from draughts. Areca palms need a warm room – ideally around 18°-24°C, with a minimum of 10°C in winter.


The areca palm is a medium sized palm tree, which can grow up to 20m in height. The trunk is small varying from 10cm till 15 cm in diameter. Its leaves can grow till 1,5m till 2 m long and the branch with the leaves have a pinnate shape. The fruit is oval shaped, orange colored and bears a hard single seed.


Areca palm houseplants need repotting every two to three years. The plant likes a tight container, and crowded roots help limit the size of the plant. The main reasons for repotting is to replace the aged potting soil and remove fertilizer salt deposits that build up in the soil and on the sides of the pot.

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