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Bamboo Stick (Twisted)

10.00 AED

Height: 75 cm

Each 10 AED

Bamboo Stick is an amazing houseplant suitable for beginners.  It is a perfect choice for your tabletops. The plant is a native of Chinese culture and unique as you can grow it on soil or in a flower vase with water. It is a perfect add-on to your tabletop series. Also, it requires low maintenance.

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Plant Care

When growing the bamboo stick on a glass vase, consider changing the water regularly. You can change it after 2 to 7 days. If growing it on a pot, consider regular watering. This will enhance its growth and flourishing.


Feeding bamboo sticks is not complex. Go for a fertilizer formulated for this plant. Feed them twice or thrice per year.


Bamboo sticks need bright light to grow. They will not grow when you put them in areas with insufficient light. However, do not expose them to direct sunlight.


Bamboo loves warm temperatures. They will thrive well in areas with a temperature range of between 18 to 32° C.


Repot the bamboo stick when the roots are so tight on the current container. When repotting, go for a larger pot or container. If you are growing it on water, get a larger vase and transfer your plant to it.

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