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Height: 40 cm

Caladium is a popular beautification plant due to its amazing colored heart-shaped leaves. The leaves feature a perfect combination of pink, white, red, and green colors. The plant does well outdoor but you can customize it to fit in the indoor. Keeping caladium indoors enhances its appealing foliage duration and saves the tuber from overgrowing.

Caring for this plant is essential. In particular, you need to mimic its native environment to transform it into an interior plant.

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Plant Care

Caladium does well in a moist environment. Ensure you water them throughout the growth duration. Never allow the soil to dry to avoid yellowing and leave drops.


Caladium requires minimum fertilizer compared with other flower plants. As such, consider using controlled fertilizer or liquid ones. Too much fertilizer can burn its leaves. The fertilizer strength should be a quarter of the ones used for other flower plants.


Provide at least 4 hours of filtered light. Never expose this plant to direct sunlight as it may result in wilting.


Caladium performs better in a humid environment. Ensure the room has a temperature of between 21°C to 24° C during the day and 16°C to 18°C at night. Regular misting can also be a good idea in enhancing moisture levels.


You can propagate or repot the Caladium tubers. Cut the tubers and ensure each tube has a knob eye. Put them in a pot with soil mix. Young tubers require direct sunlight and you can move them to indirect light when they start growing.

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