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Calathea Crimson

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Calathea Crimson is an outstanding houseplant that features deep pink leaves. The plant brings a colorful liveliness to your interior space. The combination of pink with green-black edged leaves makes the plant attractive and appealing. This aspect brightens your office and living space. Also, Crimson is easy to maintain. You can keep it healthy by trimming the old or browning leaves.

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Plant Care

Crimson require moist soils but not soggy one. Do not wait until the soil dries up. Water the plant regularly without drowning them.


Crimson does not require regular feeding. However, feeding them with recommended houseplant fertilizers will hasten their growth and flowering. So, consider fertilizing them once or twice a year, particularly around the flowering season.


Crimson are jungle plants and grow under the shade of other vegetation. This aspect makes them thrive in areas with bright indirect sunlight. So, ensure your keep the plant in a place where it can access sufficient light.


The ideal temperature for Crimson is 18-23°C. This plant will not survive at a temperature below 15°C. As such, keep the plant in a well-ventilated space to offer the ideal room temperature.


The best time to repot a crimson plant is when you see roots coming out through the drainage holes. During the process, choose a larger pot to accommodate the root ball and allow the plant to grow well.

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