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Plant Care

Water once or twice a week in summer and once every two weeks in winter. Repot the Chameadorea once every 2 years. This ensures that the plant has more soil and thus a larger storage for nutrients. In addition, the soil also provides a larger water buffer so that the plant is less likely to run out of water.


To keep the Parlor Palm thriving with healthy growth, fertilize about every three to four weeks with a water-soluble blend for houseplants. Just mix the product in the container you use for watering and apply with its regular water application.


The Chamaedorea does like light, but not direct sunlight. A spot in the semi-shade is therefore the best solution. Place the plant in front of a window on the north. When the plant starts to have yellow leaves, this means that the plant gets too much light and you need to provide more shade.


Chamaedorea elegans is shade tolerant, however brighter locations with plenty of indirect sunlight will help the Parlour Palm thrive and even encourage flowering.


If you do need to repot your Parlor Palm, just use a container that is one size larger. You don't want to use a container that is too large because the soil has a tendency to take longer to dry from wet conditions, which can lead to rot problems in your palm.

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