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Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens (Areca Palm)

120.00 AED

Height: 100 Cm

With narrow and full leaves, the areca palm is a tall and attractive plant that looks a lot like bamboo. It’s full appearance can be used to create some privacy in a space and it’s perfect for bringing some intrigue into your home or office.

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Plant Care

Water them enough to keep the soil lightly moist throughout the summer months. In the winter months the soil should be allowed to dry a little bit between waterings.


The areca palm does better with heavy feeding with a liquid fertilizer during periods of growth.


UAE summers are too harsh for the areca plant and it would do best indoors in indirect sunlight during the summer months. In the winter months you can keep the areca palm outdoors as long as the temperatures are between 18 to 26 degrees ceclius. Keep the plant away from direct air conditioning.


Areca plants are at their best in temperatures between 18 and 26 degrees celcius.


You can wait to repot the areca plant every two years or so. It does well in somewhat slightly cramped pots as this keep the size in check when you have the plant indoors.

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