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Height: 25 cm

Chrysanthemum also dubbed “mums” are amazing and attractive flowering plants originating from China. The plant features jewel colors that make it appealing. It has blooms with each of them having hundreds of florets (tiny flowers). The blooms blossom with flowers featuring a rainbow.

Mums are perfect decorative plants. You can also present it as a gift to your significant person. The plant grows up to a height of 3 feet.

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Plant Care

Mums have shallow roots necessitating frequent watering. The plant prefers a watering method that targets its base. Consider watering it in the early morning hours.


Feed the mums with a balanced fertilizer. This plant love feeding and you should consider sprinkling fertilizer on monthly basis. However, stop feeding them when you notice an emergence of flower buds.


Chrysanthemums are sunlight lovers. They perform well in direct and bright light. Ensure your plants are in shade-free spaces to give them enough exposure to sunlight. Shade areas are a good idea during flowering.


Mums are fine in a moderate climate. They hardly survive in harsh temperatures. Take extra care by placing them under suitable room temperature between 18˚C and 29˚C.


Consider a large pot when repotting. This will offer them enough space to expand and support their roots.

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