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Crassula ovata is among the best succulent houseplants to grow indoors. It originates from the South African region. The thick, shiny, fresh, and smooth leaves which grow in pairs make this plant stand out. The leaves also have a green color but get red tips when exposed to sunlight.

Crassula Ovata is popular, and many people use it as an ornamental plant in their homes and offices. It’s easy to grow, and its ability to thrive in root-bound spaces makes it a perfect choice for homeowners.

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Plant Care

Like other succulents, Ovata thrives in dry soil. You need to water it when the soil is dry during the growing phase. Do not allow water to sit on the pot. Consider watering it once every 7-10 days.


Crassula Ovata is not a heavy feeder. You need to fertilize it with cacti or succulent specified fertilizers. Alternatively, use a diluted standard houseplant fertilizer. Also, consider feeding the plant once per month.


Ovata will flourish when it has access to adequate light. Allow your plant to enjoy morning sunlight to retain its shiny red color on the leaves. However, do not expose them to the afternoon sun as it can scorch your plant leaves.


The ideal temperature range for Ovata is between 15.5°C and 24°C. Any temperature below 10˚C will hurt or kill your plant.


Crassula Ovata is a slow-growing and root-bound plant meaning it will not need regular repotting. However, you repot the plant when the soil needs renewing or outgrows the current pot.

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