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Crotons Colourful

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Why would you need flowers when a bunch of plants can achieve their purpose? Crotons Colorful is a good idea for beautifying your indoor space without requiring flowers. These plants have colorful foliage, also known as calling cards. In addition, these large and leathery have solid colors.

Also, you can get a variety of splashy combinations of bright red, green, purple, white, orange, pink, yellow, and crimson. The plant is a great choice to include in your decorative houseplant series.

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Plant Care

Crotons are water lovers. Water your plant regularly before the soil dries up. Consider a drip watering with pebbles. Avoid denying your plant enough water to prevent it from wilting. However, do not make the soil soggy.


Feed crotons regularly with a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Consider slow-releasing fertilizer and avoid overfeeding your plant. Over-fertilizing can burn your plant.


Crotons require sufficient sunlight to retain and develop colorful leaves. Therefore, keep your plant in a position where it can receive 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. However, remove it from the sun when it starts to show scorched leaves.


The colorful crotons prefer a temperature range of between 15.6˚C and 21.1˚C. Therefore, do not expose them to temperatures below 15.6˚C.


Repot your plant when the plant outgrows the current container. Consider a larger pot during the repotting process.

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