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Dieffenbachia Tiki

45.00 AED

Height: 45-50 cm

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Plant Care

Water the ivy when the top inch dries to the touch. Browning and yellowing leaves can occur if they are overwatered. Too dry of soil can attract infestations of insects or diseases.


Dieffenbachias are considered heavy feeders. As a general guide, use a complete fertilizer such as 20-20-20 and feed every 4-6 weeks only during the active growing season. Maintain moderately moist soil. Watering is an important part of growing dieffenbachia.


How much sunlight does a Dieffenbachia Maculta need? Dappled sun is perfect for your Dieffenbachia Maculta. Keep them in low to medium indirect light when they are inside. Outside, make sure they get part to full shade.


A chilling temperature is any temperature that is cold enough to cause plant injury but not cold enough to freeze the plant. These temperatures usually range from just above 32°F to about 59°F.


Upon purchasing, if the pot is too small, proceed to repot so that the plant may grow adequately. After that, every 2 or 3 years and preferably in spring, repot your dieffenbachia in a pot of a slightly larger size. The roots hate excess water.

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