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Dolphins or the string of dolphins is a unique and rare succulent. The plant looks like a pod of leaping dolphins – the reason for its name. It features beautiful curvy leaves and you will likely fall in love with it. The plant comes from a cross-pollination of two plants – String of Pearls and hot dog cactus.

Dolphins can grow up to a height of 6 inches. Though easy to care for, their rare to find variety requires you to give it an extra eye.

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Plant Care

Water this plant once per week during the growing season. When watering, ensure it is sufficient. Pour water to soak the soil until the flow runs out through the drainage holes on your flower pots. Always ensure the soil is dry before re-watering your plant.


Dolphins require minimum feeding. Only feed them once or twice a year. The feeding should happen when the plants are blossoming.



This plant can withstand low temperatures up to 4˚C. They won’t survive a frost. As such, ensure you have a way to give them an ideal environment.


Choose the soil carefully when repotting the dolphins. These plants can die due to overwatering. Use a larger pot than the previous one to give them enough growth space.

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