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Dracaena lemon lime

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Plant Height: 25 cm

Dracaena lemon lime is a native African tropical plant from the Asparagus family. It features broad leaves with lemon green edges. The colorful foliage makes it a lovely plant to keep indoors. The plant grows up to medium size of 4 to 6 feet but can get up to 20 feet with extra care. It is easy to care for and maintain.

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Plant Care

Dracaena lemon lime is a drought-resistant plant. It requires low to moderate watering. You should water your plant when the soil gets dry. Also, avoid overwatering as it can result in the browning of the leaves. Ensure you use purified water. This plant is susceptible to fluoride.


Dracaena lemon lime requires fertilizer during the growing phase. Consider feeding them twice a month with slow-releasing or weak houseplant fertilizer.


Dracaena Lemon enjoys bright indirect sunlight. They require this light to retain their colorful foliage. Careful exposure to sunlight can lead to flowering. So, consider giving your plant enough indirect light to keep it attractive.


The optimal temperature range for Dracaena Lemon lime is 21°C - 24°C. The plant cannot survive any temperatures below 12°C.


Dracaena Lemon Lime does not require regular repotting and can stay in the pot for up to two years. However, consider repotting it if the soil becomes loose or it has outgrown roots.

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