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Ficus lyrata in Ceramic Pot

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Height: 100-120 cm

The Ficus Iyrata brings out a modern and simplistic design element that works well in any type of interior decor. The tall size makes it perfect for an empty corner to make a room come to life.

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Plant Care

To know if your Ficus Iyrata is watered well, check the soil a few inches underneath. If it is moist or wet then you should not add more water, however if it is dry you should add water. Over watering can kill the plant so you want to ensure the soil is not soggy.


You can fertilize the Ficus Iyrata once a twice a year to keep it at its best.


Keep the Ficus Iyrata away from direct sunlight, but ensure it gets plenty of indirect sunlight for example near a window. Rotating it frequently will ensure that the plant grows tall and straight.


Like most indoor plants, the Ficus Iyrata will do well in temperatures from 18 to 26 degrees while avoiding direct draft from air conditioning.


As you Ficus Iyrata grows you want to allow plenty of room for the roots to avoid rotting. You will need change to a bigger pot to allow the plant to grow to its full potential.

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