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Ficus Lyrata Stick

40.00 AED

Height: 50 cm


Ficus Lyrata Stick or fiddle leaf fig is a gorgeous plant that will transform the ambiance of your indoor space. This western African native plant has violin-shaped leaves enough for making a statement. It fits with neutral interior décor and trendy designs.

The plant fills your house with a sense of joy and attractiveness. However, you need to give it extra attention to maintain the fantastic look.

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Plant Care

Ficus Lyrata requires water for survival but not soggy soil. Let the soil dry up some inches before the next watering activity. Overwatering will lead to root rot or kill your plant.


Fertilize Ficus Lyrata once or twice per year. Use fertilizers with balanced nutrient compositions or the recommended ones for houseplants.


Lyrata loves bright but filtered light. For healthy growth, put your plants in a position where they can receive sufficient indirect sunlight throughout the day. Also, consider rotating and wiping its leaves to allow them to absorb enough sunlight.


Lyrata is a tropical plant that will grow efficiently in a temperature range between 18.3˚C and 24˚C. Any temperatures below 10 ˚C will hurt your plant.


Repot your Ficus Lyrata stick when the roots start poking out from the pot. Get a larger pot that will accommodate the plant. Alternatively, you can trim the root ball if you cannot access a larger pot.

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