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Fig (Small)

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Height: 50-60 cm

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Plant Care

Figs don't like wet feet, so don't water too often. Allow the tree to dry a bit between watering. Remember to water slowly and deeply; just don't overwater. Every 10 days to 2 weeks is sufficient.



“Fiddle leaf figs need lots of indirect light and some direct sun,” he says. “Afternoon sun from a south- or west-facing window will be too strong.” So remember, just like the nourishing rays that filter down from the jungle's dense canopy, your fig needs good sun in your home, too.


Though the mature tree can withstand low temperature up to 40C, it makes good growth when the temperature is above 15 - 210C .


Part of the equation of what size pot to transplant your fiddle leaf into is the ratio of the plant size to the pot. Visually, a rule of thumb is for the pot to be 1/3 the size of the plant. (Or conversely, the container should be 2/3 of the size of the plant for a lower spreading or trailing type plant.

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