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Size: 15 cm height

Fittonia is a compact plant with variegated foliage that makes it attractive.  The plant features leaves with white, pink, or red veins. They stand out as striking houseplants but are ground covering when growing in the woodland. They are easy to care for but calls for extra attention. A little negligence can result in wilting.

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Plant Care

Fittonia requires humid or moist soil to grow. Denying them water will lead to wilting. Similarly, excess water can result in root rot. Water the plant regularly when the topsoil feels dry.


Any houseplant fertilizer will work for Fittonia. Feed them once a week. Ensure you dilute the fertilizer to avoid burning the plant’s root.


Fittonia is woodland vegetation and thrives well in areas receiving indirect sunlight. It can tolerate little sun. However, filtering the light is important as it prevents the plant from suffering scorch.


The room temperatures are ideal for Fittonia. They are tropical plants that thrive in a warm environment. Do not keep them in a place with temperatures below 16 °C. Warm and moist conditions are perfect for this plant.


Fittonia remains small and does not have extensive roots meaning it will not require regular repotting. In case you need to repot it, go for a larger pot or container.

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