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Ghost Florida (Philo)

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Ghost Florida (Philo) is plentiful species of rare aroids to include in your houseplant series. It is among the new hybrid of philodendrons and the second-largest in this species. Unfurl in glossy foliage make it to be unique and appealing. The plant has juvenile leaves that appear like ghosts hanging on its stem.

Ghost Florida is an excellent addition to your indoor climbing plants. It is easy to maintain and adds extra beautification to your home. Also, it serves as an air purifier.

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Plant Care

Like other philodendrons, this plant requires medium watering. Water it when the topsoil is completely dry. Do not overwater to prevent root rot. However, offer the plant sufficient water to avoid the droopy leaves issue.


Fertilize your plant with any houseplant fertilizer fit for aroids. Feed them once a month to ensure they get the proper nutrients to support their growth.


Ghost Florida requires bright but not direct sunlight. Ensure your plant can access enough filtered light. Limited light access can lead to leggy stems, while direct exposure will result in leave yellowing.


A temperature range of between 10°C and 35°C is suitable for Ghost Florida.


Ghost Florida is a slow-growing plant. Thus, you will not need to repot it in 2-3 years. However, you can repot the plant when roots start to poke out through the drainage holes.

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