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Golden Pothos in Coconut Pot

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Golden Pothos is another attractive plant to grow indoors. The plant is a native of Solomon Island. It features heart-like and pointed green piebald leaves with pale green, white, or yellow patterns. The plant will come in a coconut pot that makes it easy to position and grow in your indoor space. They are simple and easy to care for and maintain, allowing you to concentrate on your daily affairs.

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Plant Care

Golden Pothos love regular watering. Water them every week or after 2 weeks. Ensure that the soil is dry before the next watering. Also, avoid overwatering as it can lead to root rot issues.


Golden Pothos are not heavy feeders. You only need to feed them with a houseplant or a balanced fertilizer once or twice a month.


Golden Pothos require bright indirect sunlight. They can grow in shady and dark areas. But to ensure they retain the colorful foliage, you need to ensure they access adequate light.


Golden Pothos require an optimal temperature range of between 18-24°C. However, it can survive low temperatures up to 10°C.


Repot your Golden pothos when their roots overgrow the current coconut pot. When repotting, get a wider pot that will fit the plant roots and offer extra growth space.

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