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Hosta Variegated

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Hosta Variegated are among the popular flower garden plants in America. They have an attractive range of leaf sizes, shapes, and colored foliage that make people fall in love with them. These plants blossom from spring to fall with white bell-like or purple spike flowers.

Hosta Variegated increase in size and beauty per year. They can grow up to a height of 48 inches and a width of 6 inches depending on their species. It also requires little care and maintenance.

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Plant Care

Though it is drought tolerant, Hosta loves moist conditions. Water your plants thoroughly at least once per week. Avoid any dry conditions to enhance root growth. Offering the plant enough water will enhance its growth.


Feed your plant with water-soluble fertilizers. All-purpose fertilizer or any recommended type will be a good idea.


Hosta is shade plants. Few varieties can withstand direct sunlight. Keep them in a place where they can access indirect light.


Hosta can grow in various climate conditions. The ideal temperature range for this plant is 7˚C. Room temperature is also a good idea.


The plant matures in two to three years. After this period, you may need to repot them. When transferring hosta, ensure you choose a pot wider than the current one. However, they do better if they remain undisturbed.

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