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Hoya Albom

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Hoya Albom is another variety in the Hoyas houseplant varieties. It is among the rare houseplants. The green and some pink apex leaves make this plant a good choice as a tabletop choice. This variety of Hoyas is easy to maintain and has a steady growth.

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Plant Care

Like other Hoya varieties, Albom needs sufficient watering. Do not overwater them to avoid rotting. Watering once a week or after every two weeks is an ideal approach. Water the plant when the topsoil is dry.


Houseplant fertilizers are a good choice for Hoya Albom. Avoid any strong fertilizer that can dry the soil or damage your plants. Feed them regularly during the growing phase.


Hoyas Albom likes bright light. However, do not expose them to harsh direct sunlight. Place them in a strategy where they will receive enough light.


Hoya grows well in a temperature range of between 15.6˚C and 26˚C. You should never expose them to an environment with a temperature below 12˚C. Also, do not keep them near conditioners or heaters.


Hoyas enjoy growing in compact spaces. You do not need to repot them regularly. However, when you notice the plant has outgrown the current pot, you can consider repotting it. Take care during the repotting to avoid killing the plant.

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