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Hoya Hanging

45.00 AED

Out of the various types of Hoya plants, this one stands out with it’s incredible green leaves and the way it drapes over the pot when hung up. They require very little ongoing maintenance and are a beautiful addition to any space.

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Plant Care

Let the soil dry completely before watering and then water thoroughly letting the water drain out of the drainage hole. Discard excess water.


Regular fertilizing will help the Hoya plant. You can fertilize Hoya once or twice a month.


Hoyas require plenty of light, so keeping it close to a window where it can get direct sunlight for a few hours is good for this plant.


Ideal temperature is between 15 and 29 degrees celsius.


Hoyas like to be in a snug container. So don't be in a hurry to change the pot, wait until it's slightly root-bound.

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