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Hoya Pub

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Hoya Pub is among the popular houseplants in the 21st century. Many people are seeking to have it in their indoor space. The plant brings nature right to your house thanks to its green spotted foliage. Due to this, it is among the rare houseplants. It is easy to maintain and does not call for extra attention.

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Plant Care

Hoyas are not water lovers. Sufficient watering is enough for the plant. Water the plant when the topsoil is dry. Do not overwater them to avoid rotting. Watering once every two weeks would be an ideal approach.


Feed the plant with houseplant fertilizers regularly during the growing phase. This can be twice or once per month. The feeding will depend on the prevailing temperatures and your watering schedules.


Hoyas are bright light lovers. However, never expose them to direct sunlight as it can lead to scorching. Place them in a place where they will receive enough light, which can be next to the window.


Hoya grows well in a temperature range of between 15.6˚C and 26˚C. You should never expose them to an environment with a temperature below 12˚C.


Hoyas do not require regular repotting. You can repot them after a year and a half. Or when the roots start outgrowing the current pot by popping out through the drainage holes. However, you need to be conscious when repotting Hoyas. This is because they have delicate roots and can easily die during the repotting process.

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