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Height: 20cm

Iresine is an amazing but rare plant that will transform your indoor appearance. This South American native features red leaves with green and white variegation. Being a tropical plant, it performs well in the indoor space. Iresine grows up to 2 feet when growing on a pot. It is easy to maintain and care for.

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Plant Care

Iresine requires regular watering. The plant loves moist but not soggy soil. Ensure you water them efficiently. You can consider adding mulching to keep the soil moist. But do not overwater to prevent root rot.


Feed Iresine with balanced diluted fertilizer every 2 weeks to keep your plant healthy and enhance fast growth. Grown plants may not require regular feeding. So, you can change the feeding duration depending on the climate.


Iresine can withstand direct sunlight. These plants grow at the edge of the forest, where they enjoy efficient direct light. However, only exposure grown-up plants. For small Iresine, keep them under bright indirect sunlight. Limiting light to this plant can make them weak and leggy.


Iresine grows well in an optimal temperature range of 18-27°C. Do not grow them in temperatures below 13°C.


Repot Iresine annually until it mature. When repotting, mix the soil with the proper nutrients to keep the plant healthy.

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