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Plant Height: 80 cm

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Plant Care

After planting the plant, you should water it daily for the first week. Then you can decrease the watering time to the alternative days. After two weeks, you can water the plant when you see the soil surface dry. This is possible since Jatropha is a drought-tolerant plant.


Jatropha curcas L. is an oil seed producing non-leguminous tropical shrub that has good potential to be a fuel plant that can be cultivated on marginal land. Due to the low nutrient content of the targeted plantation area, the requirement for fertilizer is expected to be higher than other plants.


Jatropha multifida, commonly called coral plant, is native to Mexico. This species has flat circles of coral-pink flowers and distinctly tropical-looking foliage that is deeply dissected and fan shaped. Coral plant is a bit more cold tender than peregrina.


They can with stand the temperature 10° to 20° C for four to twelve months. In the cold region, 10° to 20° C for 1 to 4 months. In subtropical for 4 to 11 months, it can tolerate 20° C and for the rest of the time, it can withstand 10° to 20° C.


Place the jatropha in the hole facing in the same direction it was growing in the original planting site. Fill the hole halfway with soil; pack down with your foot and water. Fill the remainder of the hole with soil, pack down again and water, being sure the water reaches the root system.

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