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Orchids (1pp)

50.00 AED

Height: 50cm

Orchids make a great gift for friends and family. Each colour symbolizes a different purpose: yellow is for friendship and new beginnings, purple for admiration, orange for pride, white is for purity as well as elegance, and pink is for grace and joy

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Plant Care

Water your orchid by placing it in the kitchen and sink and let water run through for 15 seconds ensuring it spreads in the pot. All the pot to drain for around 15 minutes. It may appear to by dry, but this is the optimal way to water your orchid.


While the orchid is dormant, it should not be given any fertilizer. However, when they are producing you can fertilize an orchid weekly or bi-weekly. This should be phased off to monthly or bi-monthly once they mature.


Indirect and bright light is best for orchids. Placing them near a south or east facing window will ensure that they are receiving the right amount and intensity of sunlight to bloom.


Orchids do well in moderate room temperature environments while ensuring there is plenty of humidity in the air.


Orchids should be repotted when new every year or two.

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