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Oxygen Partners

60.00 AED 30.00 AEDSave 50%

Get Sansevieria Braided & (2) Snake plants For price of 30 AED

Sansevieria Braided Height: 25 cm

Snake plants: 25 cm

Purify your indoor environment by getting this batch of oxygen partners. The bundle comes with Sansevieria Braided and two snake plants. These houseplants are the best choice when it comes to air purification.

When you have them in your indoor space, you will enjoy their purification capability, and their foliage is attractive. This way, they will add an extra aestheticism to your home or office.

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Plant Care

Sansevieria are drought-tolerant and do not require regular watering. Wait until the soil is dry before watering. The plant requires watering once per week or after 2 weeks. Water the plants thoroughly without making the soil soggy.


Feed Sansevieria and snake plants with cactus fertilizer once every month. Remember that these plants are light feeders. Any overfeeding will hurt or kill your plants.


The Oxygen partners need enough indirect bright light. Ensure the plants are in a position where they can access bright light throughout the day. Never expose them to direct sunlight.


Oxygen partners require a temperature range of between 15 and 24 °C.


Oxygen partners will require annual repotting once a year. These plants grow faster and can break your pot if not handled consciously. So, pick a large pot that will support their growth rate after repotting.

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