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Peperomia Angulata (Arti Flower)

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Peperomia Angulata is an attractive houseplant for beginners.  With light-green and dark-green stripes attached to reddish stems, this plant is eye-catching and appealing.

It has cascading leaves that make it a good choice for hanging baskets. The stems grow up to 12inches and can grow in compact and shady areas. For this reason, it is a preferred choice for many houseplant enthusiasts.

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Plant Care

Water the plant once in 1-2 weeks. Let the soil dry before the next watering. Consider regular watering when growing Peperomia in a place with more bright light than in low lights. Overwatering is the first killer of peperomia. So, only water the plants when the topsoil is 1-2 inches dry.


Peperomia are light feeders. They perform and grow well with feeding gaps of between 4 and 6 weeks. Use diluted houseplant fertilizer and avoid over-feeding them.


Peperomia Angulata loves medium bright light. Allow them to access the morning sunlight to prevent leggy stems. However, save them from excess sunlight exposure to avoid scorched leaves.


Ensure your Peperomia Angulata are in places with a temperature range of between 18ºC and 27ºC. The plants will become dormant or even die when you expose them to temperatures below 10ºC.


These plants do not require frequent repotting. They have a bound root system that is comfortable with compact pots and containers.

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