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Peperomia Watermelon

25.00 AED

Height: 10-15cm

Peperomia Watermelon is an outstanding and appealing houseplant. It features green tear-drop-shaped leaves with silver patterns. The red stems crown this plant’s attractiveness and appealing outlook.

The plant is a good choice as a tabletop or desk décor. Unlike other houseplants, it only grows up to a height of 12 inches. It is a good idea to make it part of your striped flower plant series. The plant requires minimum care.

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Plant Care

Check the top 2 inches of the soil and if it is dry to touch then it's time for watering. You do need to let the soil dry our a little bit between waterings. Also, if the leaves droop or feel a little then, then it may also be time to water.


A liquid or water-soluble indoor both work well for Watermelon Peperomia. Fertilize at half strength at once a month during the spring to summer months.


Watermelon Peperomia thrives in medium to bright light. However, they need to be kept away from direct sunlight as it will cause the colours and patterns to fade. If the light is not enough, then the leaves tend to become darker green.


The ideal temperature for Watermelon Peperomia is between 18 to 26 degrees. Your AC may dry out the plant so it is a good idea to regularly mist it as Watermelon Peperomia enjoy the extra humidity.


While repotting your Watermelon Peperomia you should be careful not to give it too much room. It is best to choose a pot that may seem a little small so that the roots are slightly bound.

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