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Philo Marx Variegated

950.00 AED

Philo Marx Variegated is a fantastic addition to your houseplant décor. The plant features attractive and eye-catching foliage. The colorful heart-shaped leaves vary from yellow, mottled white, to green. In addition, its vines have green or yellow stripes, which make them appealing.

The plant grows to a height of 20cm tall. It is easy to grow and propagate, the reason why many homeowners love it.

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Plant Care

Philo Marx loves well-drained soils. Let the topsoil dry for at least 3cm before the next watering. The soil should be dry to touch. Avoid overwatering your plant as it can result in wilting.


As a fast-growing plant, Philo Marx requires regular feeding. So, fertilize them throughout their growing period. Feeding them with houseplant fertilizer once per month is a good idea.


Philo Marx requires bright but not direct sunlight. Offer the plant enough light to retain the variegated element. Placing them near the window is ideal for their growth. Exposure to direct sunlight leads to decoloring.


The ideal temperature range for Philo Marx is between 15.6˚C and 24˚C. They can endure a cold environment but not below 10˚C.


Repot your plant when its roots outgrow the current pot. You should repot once you notice a compact ball-like forming on the root part. When repotting, get a little larger (5-10cm) than the current pot.

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