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Philodendron Atom

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Philodendron Atom is a good choice for first-time plant parents. This love tree is suitable for your bedroom, living space, or office. Its large lobed leaves bring a sense of peace and health to the indoor space. In addition, the philodendron Atom is a perfect air purifying plant that requires low maintenance.

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Plant Care

Atom loves moist soil. It will grow well in medium wet soil. Water the plant regularly without making the soil soggy. Always allow the soil to dry a little before the next watering phase.


Feed Philodendron Atom with all-purpose liquid fertilizer to enhance their growth. Fertilize the plant once per month. This will ensure your plants stay healthy and grow faster.


Philodendron Atom requires bright but indirect light. Allow the plant to access not more than 3 hours of direct sunlight to avoid burning its leaves.


Philodendron Atom thrives well in a temperature range of between 12°C and 29°C. Therefore, a cooler temperature during the night will be perfect for this plant.


Repot your plant when it outgrows the current pot. You will notice roots to have filled the pot and poking through the drainage holes. When repotting, get a larger pot to accommodate the roots and offer enough space for growth.

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