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Philodendron Silver Queen In Mosstick

80.00 AED

Philodendron Silver Queen is among the amazing plants to have in your house. This tropical plant from central and southern America will transform the look of your room.  The plant has sturdy dark green featuring silvery-white variegation.

The colorful foliage a good pick for indoor spaces. The plant is easy to care for and comes in a Mosstick for excellent support. It does not suffer serious issues when put under the right conditions.

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Plant Care

Silver Queen requires low watering making it a good choice to grow in the UAE region. You should always water your plant when the soil is dry. Also, excess watering will hurt your plant as it can experience root rot issues. So, ensure you do not leave a pool of water beneath the plant pot.


Silver Queens can do well without fertilizer if planted on nutrient-rich pots. However, you can consider feeding them once a month with diluted fertilizer.


Silver Queens performs well in partial shade areas. They require indirect light. Do not expose them to sunlight as it can lead to scorching.


The optimal temperature range for Silver Queens is 18°C - 22°C.


The Silver Queens may require repotting once per year. However, you should repot them when their roots outgrow the current pot. During repotting, ensure you get fresh soil with the right nutrient composition.

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