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Pink Lady (Philo)

430.00 AED

Pink Lady is a fantastic aroid suitable for your indoor space. The plant receives admiration due to its evergreen leaves and pink petioles. In addition, it forms a powerful add-on for your hanging basket decoration.

Alternatively, you can plant in a port and make it a central part of your indoor ornamentation. It requires low maintenance, making it a suitable choice for busy and careless people.

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Plant Care

Water your plant sufficiently without soaking it. Once or twice watering will be perfect for the plant, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Ensure the upper soil is 2 inches dry before re-watering. Do not make the soil soggy to prevent root rot and fungal attracts.


Feed your plant slow-releasing fertilizer once a year. You can also use a liquid fertilizer once per month. Do not overfeed the plant to avoid burning them.


Pink Lady requires bright but indirect light. They can grow in low lights but will have leggy stems and slow growth.


A temperature range of between 16°C and 24°C is perfect for Pink Lady. Any temperatures below this range will lead to unhealthy growth of the plant.


Pink Lady loves growing in a compact and root-bound space. It will not require regular repotting. You can wait for 2-3 years before repotting. In case of repotting, consider a larger pot that will accommodate the plant’s roots.

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