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Portulaca (12pcs)

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Size: 15 cm

Portulaca is a beautiful low-growing flower plant native in Argentina, Brazil, and other Latin American countries. They are ground covering and can grow to a width of 7 inches. Portulaca is easy to grow and maintain. The plant performs well in poor soils where it is hard for other flowers to thrive.

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Plant Care

Portulaca thrives in dry conditions. However, water them when you need better flowering. Consider watering your plant if there is an extended dry season and zero rainfall.


Portulaca does not need fertilizer to grow. They do well even in lean soils. Nonetheless, feed them during the planting phase to enhance their growth.


Portulaca enjoys full direct sunlight. Allowing them to access at least 8 hours of sunlight to instill blossoming. Keeping them under shade can hinder flowers from opening.


The best temperature range for Portulaca is between 24 to 27° C. They do not tolerate temperatures below 21˚C.


Portulaca may require repotting after some time. When repotting, take care during the process. Use a shovel to lift the plant together with the attached soil. Fasten the process to prevent the roots from drying up. Ensure you use cardboard to retain the moisture. Also, use a wide pot than the original one.

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