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Rayhan Small

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Height: 37

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Plant Care

Holy Basil requires humid or moist soil to grow. Provide it with enough water while avoiding making the soil soggy. Water the plant early in the morning and target the area beneath. Do not wet the leaves to avoid foliage drop.


Like other herbs, fertilizer is not a necessity when growing Holy Basil. Provide them with soil that has the right nutrient composition. This will avoid unexpected leaf expansion.


Allow holy basil to access adequate sunlight for healthy leaves. Do not deny it enough sunlight as deep shade will after the number of leaves it will have.


Holy basil is a tropical plant that requires an average temperature of 21 °C.


Repotting is necessary when growing holy basil on pots. Repot when your plant goes overbound or outgrows the current pot. You can do the repotting when the plant meets this condition. Consider an overly large pot as the new home for the repotted plant.

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