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Rubber Plant (3pp)

65.00 AED

Height: 45 cm


Rubber plants are grown for their glossy, leathery, large leaves. The leaves are oblong to oval, 8 to 12 inches long and in various colors of dark green, deep maroon or marked with yellow, cream, pink or white. The Tricolor rubber plant (Ficus elastica ‘Tricolor’) has attractive green, cream and pink splotched leaves.

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Plant Care

Water requirements for rubber plants are consistently moist but never soggy. Soggy plants can get root rot, soil gnats and other problems. Dry soil causes leaves to drop and reduces the overall health and growth of the plant. Getting rubber plant watering right will ensure beautiful leaves and maximum growth.


Rubber plants prefer humid conditions, but tolerate the dry air common in homes. Fertilize regularly with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer during active growth in the spring and summer. This should be done every two weeks. Plants that are in lower light should be fertilized less often.


Light: Rubber plants prefer bright, indirect light that isn't too hot. Direct sunlight can result in scorched leaves. You can keep your rubber plant near a window with a sheer curtain to give it just the right amount of sunlight


Rubber plants prefer bright light but are adaptable to low light. They grow best with the morning light from an east window. They do well in warm to average room temperatures. The ideal temperatures are 60 to 65 °F at night and 75 to 80 °F during the day.


You want the surface of the root ball just below the rim, and simply fill in around and over the root ball with soil. Be sure to leave about an inch (2.5 cm.) or so of space from the rim of the pot for watering. Water the plant well after repotting and allow the excess to drain out. Then care for your plant as normal.

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