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Moonshine Decor

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Plant Height: 30 cm

Pot Size: 24x24x34  cm

Sansevieria is also known as Snake Plant is a stylish houseplant with outstanding features. The plant originates from Africa and South Asia. They come in different varieties depending on various aspects and uniqueness. The best aspect of Sansevieria plants is their ability to tolerate harsh and imperfect conditions. Their wild and amazing growth pattern that feature an array of variegations make them a good add-on to your houseplant series. They are easy to care for and maintain.

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Plant Care

What is this? During the Sansevieria Moonshine's active growing season watering should occur once every two weeks. The growing season for this plant is during the warmer months of spring to summer. In the winter months, the frequency of watering should be reduced to just once a month.


Fertilizer – Because snake plants are native to poor rocky soil, avoid overfertilizing. A premium plant food such as Pennington UltraGreen All Purpose Plant Food 10-10-10 fed once each spring gives your snake plant the primary, secondary and micronutrients it needs. Then it keeps gently feeding for up to four months.


In bright, direct light your plant may begin to show signs of sun scorching. Sansevieria Moonshine grown in lower light conditions may have its leaves turn a darker green color. Preferably, Silver Moonshines should be kept in bright, indirect light.


When the soil is dry, snake plants can withstand temperatures as low as 5 Degrees Celsius (41 F). But the ideal growing temperatures for this plant range from 18 – 27 Degrees Celsius (65 to 85 F)


Repotting Sansevieria moonshine every 2-5 years should be sufficient. When you want to move your moonshine Sansevieria, feel the root ball and carefully shake it loose from the pot. Place it in a new pot at least 1”-2” inches below the rim of the pot.

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