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Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

36.00 AED

Size: 25 cm height

Sansevieria is also known as Snake Plant is a stylish houseplant with outstanding features. The plant originates from Africa and South Asia. They come in different varieties depending on various aspects and uniqueness.

The best aspect of Sansevieria plants is their ability to tolerate harsh and imperfect conditions. Their wild and amazing growth pattern that feature an array of variegations make them a good add-on to your houseplant series. They are easy to care for and maintain.

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Plant Care

Water the plants when the soil is dry completely. Reduce the watering frequency to monthly. Offer enough water without over- or under-watering to avoid killing the plant.


Consider a diluted slow-release fertilizer when feeding Sansevieria. Mild cactus fertilizer is also a good idea.


Sansevieria prefer indirect bright light. However, they can survive direct sunlight and dim areas. Ensure the plant gets steady light to make it strong.


This plant loves warm conditions. They will not withstand temperatures below 10˚C. Ensure the plant is free from any possible frost. The best temperature range for this plant is between 18 and 24˚C.


Require annual reporting when exposed to suitable sunlight. When repotting, ensure you get a pot made of strong materials.

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