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Syngonium Green

30.00 AED

Height: 25 cm

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Plant Care

Water regularly to maintain moist soil but do not let the soil become soggy since the plant is prone to root rot. Water regularly during the spring and summer months and reduce the frequency during winter; twice a week during spring and summer and once a week during winter.


Syngonium are also the perfect houseplants for the people with little to no plant care experience. They can live a long time without fertilizer, and can be placed in almost any space with very little light and live a long time. (All indoor plants need light to thrive!) Important!


Although these plants are extremely low-light tolerant, they will grow faster and maintain their vibrant coloring and markings if grown in medium to bright indirect light. Direct sun will scorch their leaves. Syngonium can also be grown under artificial light sources if your space is light-challenged.


What temperature do Syngoniums prefer? They're tropical plants, so don't let them get below 16C/60f. They can tolerate pretty high temperatures provided there's ample humidity and they're not sat in direct sunlight.


If the roots are showing and the pot feels heavy, then it's time for repotting. It'll grow even thicker, denser and more beautiful than before.

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