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Height: 15cm


Syngonium is among the few house plant that performs well in compact spaces. Also known as Arrowhead vines, this plant is popular for its lush foliage. If lucky, you can enjoy superb and unique white flowers. Its climbing and the branching habit put it at the heart of many houseplant enthusiasts.

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Plant Care

Water your Syngonium plants regularly without letting the soil dry up. The plant enjoys moist soils. You can consider putting some pebbles on the plant pot to keep the soil wet for a longer duration. This way, you will keep your plant healthy and happy.


Syngonium needs regular feeding in the growing season. Thus, fertilize them with slow-releasing fertilizers once per month. You can also use diluted strength liquid fertilizer. Sprinkling the plant with worm castings can also enhance its growth.


Syngonium can grow in low-light areas. But, they require bright indirect light to retain their colorful foliage. Thus, keep them in bright spots without exposing them to direct sunlight as it can scorch their leaves.


Temperature between 16°C and 27°C are ideal for Syngonium. However, they will not survive temperatures below 10°C.


Syngonium requires annual repotting since they are a fast-growing plant. When repotting, choose a large pot to boost their growth. You should also consider dividing the plant into two or more pieces to enhance its propagation and development.

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