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Height: 8-10 cm

Vinca is a beautiful add-on to your outdoor  plant series. The plant has abundant and regular blossoming that will sparkle your room with star-shaped periwinkle flowers. . So, it will be a good idea for decorating several rooms or offices at ago.

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Plant Care

Vinca will require watering when the soil is dry. Water your plant during the morning hours to allow it to dry up during the day. Wait for one week before watering the plants again.


Feed your Vinca with a houseplant or a slow-releasing balanced fertilizer once after every two years. Remember to water the plant thoroughly when and after applying the fertilizer. This will prevent it from burning the plant roots.


Vinca can tolerate direct sunlight. They can also grow in partially shaded areas. Sunlight helps them to blossom regularly.


Vinca are drought plants and can grow in areas with optimal temperatures of between 24 and 27°C. However, it cannot survive temperatures up to 20°C.


Vinca is fast-growers and will require regular repotting. You will need to repot it when its roots outgrow the current pot. Get a larger pot that will accommodate your plant. However, the pot should not be too large as it can turn into a water storage point that will hurt Vinca plants.

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