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Zamia Decor

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Height: 22 cm

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Plant Care

The soil between watering should dry a little (to a depth of 2-5 cm), the plant should not be poured. Watering should be substantially reduced in winter. Feed 1 time in spring and 1 time in summer. It is possible to replicate with fresh seeds, which can not be obtained in room conditions.



Zamia, genus of 55 species of cycads in the family Zamiaceae, native to tropical and subtropical America. Zamia species are generally small stocky fernlike plants. They have a turniplike, mostly underground stem that in some species reaches 3 metres (10 feet) or more in length.


How to take care of Zamia Plant? Sunlight- Cardboard palms grow best in full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days.


Repot in spring when the plant becomes root-bound. Use a heavy container to prevent toppling, because mature plants can get top-heavy. Older plants can be top-dressed instead by replacing the top 2-3 in (5-7.5 cm) of soil with fresh soil.

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